Unexpected Beneficial Uses Of Vicks Vaporub! Don’t Forget It!

There’s not a home in America that doesn’t have a bottle or two of Vicks VapoRub in their medicine cabinet.The topical ointment is great for all your aches and pains, but the cooling cream has so many other uses that could save you a lot of time and money. I mean A LOT.

Fades Stretch Marks And Wrinkles



If you massage this ointment for a few minutes onto your stretch marks or wrinkles at least once a day, you’ll notice that these unwanted lines will disappear within a couple weeks.

Foot Care



Vicks VapoRub is extremely moisturizing, which means it can make your cracked heels look as good as new. Before you go to bed, rub some of the ointment on your heels. In the morning, wash your feet with cold water and scrub away dead skin, and then moisturize.

The cream is also great to cure toenail fungus. Apply the ointment on the affected nail every night, and then wear an old, but clean, sock. In the morning, wash your feet and clip off the infected nail.

Heals Bruises



Gently massage VapoRub with a little bit of salt on your bruised skin for a few minutes. You’ll notice that the cream will reduce the swelling, and in a short time the bruise will disappear.

Removes Acne



Before you sleep, put a small amount of Vicks on your pimples or acne. In the morning, wash your face, and repeat for the next couple days until the problem is solved.

Eases Earaches



Put a small amount of VapoRub on a cotton ball and place it in your ear for a few hours. The antiseptic properties will not only reduce the pain, but will help fight your possible ear infection.

Repels Insects



Insects hate the strong smell of VapoRub, so apply a thin layer of the ointment on various parts of your body that’s exposed. This saved me a ton of money when I went to the Caribbean!

Heals Cuts Faster



Just like how Vicks can heal bruises, the menthol ingredient in the ointment will also relieve the pain from your cut and help heal wounds faster.

Gets Rid Of Fat



Imagine getting rid of belly or upper arm fat with an over-the-counter ointment! It’s actually possible!